joi, 17 iulie 2008


Probably the most interesting journey one can take is the one inside someone’s mind hence my desire to study psychology and understand the human psychic = psihic, suflet, intelect…
In my mind there was a clear line between soul and mind – but the word “psychic” actually means both, so I’ve learned ( someone told me not long ago ) , still my mind refuses to agree and my soul is revolting against the idea.
Only in MADNESS they come together, mind and soul are harmed by the sickness… I wonder, FEAR is a sickness of the mind or of the soul? Same question goes for LOVE. It is clear to me how little I know about these things… and how much I want to get inside your mind, looking for all the answers I was afraid to ask. Throw me the cord that leads to your core. I will follow it !

2 comentarii:

Scott Ennis spunea...

"Throw me the cord that leads to your core. I will follow it!"

This is poetry waiting to happen. This is life waiting to happen.

silly spunea...

this is my favourite line too.

"life waiting to happen"... kinda sad