marți, 8 iulie 2008

Dark as coffee, cold as charity

My heart is dying, I suppose...

like a wounded animal, left to die at the side of the road.

That’s where this pain comes from.

Guess you didn’t care…

I don’t remember the exact moment when you started to slip away.

Would it make any difference if I did?

The night was dark and it stood still like a frozen picture of despair.
The bed was cold, so cold … when I’ve climbed in it; between its sheets I’ve searched for a trace of your warmth, for the smell of your body, trying to remember how it felt when I had your love to shelter me.
Did I?
Or was I just fooling myself that your arms across my body, my legs wrapped around yours = LOVE?


Am vazut acum ceva vreme un film, “It’s All About Love”- Joaquin Phoenix, Sean Penn, ratacind intr-un viitor nu atat de indepartat, in care totul pare la fel, totul pare normal, desi oamenii sunt clonati … cel putin unii dintre ei, si in loc de incalzire globala se confruntau cu un fenomen de inghet care punea stapanire pe planeta, lasand totul fara suflare, ninsoare in iulie , iar oamenii… oamenii mureau pe capete, mureau pe strada, cadeau din picioare, inimile le incetau subit sa bata, lipsite de caldura dragostei si ei mureau in tacerea singuratatii lor.

Asta era in fond si ideea filmului - ca “daca dragoste nu e, nimik nu e!” – cum zicea Marin Preda. O lume fara dragoste – e o lume moarta, inghetata…

Dintre toate universurile posibile – il aleg pe acela in care sufletele noastre sunt pereche.

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