sâmbătă, 7 februarie 2009

cuz she was given to fly...

Sleepy head...
Sometimes she wishes she was dead.

Or that she was a bird instead
So she could fly, high in the sky…
To be seen by no eye
To be touched by no man

Only his hand would dare to reach
And stretch through the clouds
She hides behind the sun

But she was found by the man with a gun
He put a bullet in her heart
He never cared she tried so hard
To be a bird.

Sometimes is seen
An empty hand stretched high in the sky
He never knew why
She never came again.

4 comentarii:

joaquin carvel spunea...

you threw me - this starts off kind of dreamy, and then it gets heartbreaking.
"He never cared she tried so hard
To be a bird." - that's the bullet - right to the heart. wow.

silly girl spunea...

... am I good at playing with words, or what!?!


joaquin carvel spunea...

yeah you are. award-winning, in fact. :)

Kadri spunea...

That's so beautiful!