luni, 11 august 2008

One night the Devil...

One night the Devil came around, / starts knocking on my door,
I asked him what was all about / he says he came to claim my soul.
I laughed at him, he looked at me
His beauty made me loose my cool
We’ve met before…
The game he played was tricky and untrue,
He said he’ll make you love me too,
I fell for it
But all he did – he made my mind believe is true.
And now I have to give my soul as price for an illusion.
Because you see, the human heart – the Devil does not own.
I told him that,
And asked my right
He smiled and said
“Now don’t be sad!”

He’ll offer me a deal, a chance to keep my soul
I’ll have to make your heart
Some love for me to grow.
His eyes are so unreal…
He’s witty and so cool…
Forget about the deal
The Devil won my soul!

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