miercuri, 13 august 2008

Little monkey

Little monkey in a tree
Falling down the chimney
Smoke some weed and danced for me
Up last night, till late at three.

I’ve been watching from a far my life unfold to me … like I had nothing to do with all this mess.
Even though I was the one who provoked all the events, it has everything to do with me, the way I am, the way I look, the way I talk, the way I walk, the way I think, the way I laugh – in all the “wrong” moments, the way I eat my sandwiches every day, the way I sometimes look your way…
Then it hit me: at some point I’ll have to step in, or else my life will pass without me in it.
Wouldn’t that be weird?
Anyway how did I get from “take what you’re offered.” to “ask and you shall be given!” ?
Nothing is that easy. Don’t trust anything that comes that easy. Probably is not good, or is not for me, not mine, not my own… so many senses, only one truth.
When in doubt, just say “No.”.
What about the doubt that comes afterwards, “what would have happened if I have said “Yes.” doubt?

Little monkey in a tree…

3 comentarii:

joaquin carvel spunea...

"at some point I’ll have to step in, or else my life will pass without me in it." - that nails so much, and so many.

also, assuming these are your drawings - they are amazing and i am more than a little envious of your ability.

Silly Girl spunea...

yes, you assumed correct.
I feel guilty for not drawing more, for not drawing enough, for not trying to say with my drawings what I can not say in words.
Then someone told me that I should draw again. I'm glad he did!

joaquin carvel spunea...

he was right.