vineri, 23 ianuarie 2009

Why do angels die?...

She was an angel
But do angels feel love?
So she was a woman
But can a woman
Fly like a butterfly?
And swim like a dolphin?
Feel like the softest silk?
Smell like the sweetest thing?
Shine like a summer’s day?
Glow like a summer’s night?
Not just a woman
So she was not just that
Smiles as she puts one hand
On his shoulder
Whispers to him
And he knows
She was his mother
And as he watches her drifting away
He touches his shoulder
And cries to her – “Stay!…”

6 comentarii:

Kadri spunea...

That was heartbreakingly beautiful.

joaquin carvel spunea...

yes - i agree - heartbreaking and beautiful - i kept re-reading it because i didn't want it to be over...

silly spunea...


m2 spunea...


m2 spunea...

ups! adeoo era parola de la "verificarea cuvintelor", ca sa pot introduce coment

Silly Girl spunea...

:)) thookagg !