marți, 6 ianuarie 2009

I'll always have hope

- What are you thinking about?
- You...
- What about me?
- I rarely see you… I hardly know you… but
I will miss you when you’re gone… and one day you’ll be gone… for good.
- Isn’t that what happens with everybody?
- No I wasn’t talking about
gone-gone… like
dying, but gone…
disappeared, left without a trace, without saying good bye!
- You think is better with good bye?
- No… worst! At least without good bye
I’ll still have hope…
- You’ll always have hope
- But I won’t always have you!
- You never had
- I know…

2 comentarii:

Kadri spunea...

Hope is so bittersweet. Can't do without it and not sure I like to have it at times...

Silly Girl spunea...

i think i know what u mean
but still can not give up hope