duminică, 2 august 2009

the impossible dream

A man is no better than his dreams.
But are we as good as our dreams?

"To dream the impossible dream

to fight the unbeatable foe,

to bear with unbearable sorrow,

to run where the brave dare not go.

To right the unrightable wrong,

to love pure and chaste from afar,

to try when your arms are too weary,

to reach the unreachable star."

15 comentarii:

Kadri Luik spunea...

If a man was a good as his dreams then it wouldn't be dreams but fact, IMO. =)

silly girl spunea...

what if a man is in fact as good as his dreams, just not as fortunate to make them true?

Kadri Luik spunea...

but... fortune is nothing more than your life choices fulfilled. If you haven't found your fortune it means that you've been working on it in the wrong ways.

silly girl spunea...

u make it sound like luck is simply a matter of orientation...

Kadri Luik spunea...

Yes, in my opinion it is. Luck is not a random event, it's the sum of actions. Just as lightning doesn't come from nothing to strike just anything.

silly me spunea...

and still... there are so many factors one must consider. I personally I don't buy in all that coehlo theory stuff about the universe helping those who go for it.

Kadri Luik spunea...

Oh, it's not universe, a higher power or anything like that, that I think of. You and your own luck or fate is defined by your own actions. The sum of your actions defines your fortune or lack of it.

Tying back to theme of dreams; What you dream and how you act on it sums up to how likely it is that you will be "fortunate" enough to realize your dreams. You won't make dreams come true if all you do is to sit there and dream them but never act on it. You create your own luck, fortune and future.

If a man is as good and grand as his dreams he would make them come true and they would be facts not dreams. Obstacles on the way can be conquered, limitations in current life can be worked around and so on. It all boils down to what you are prepared to do to fulfil your dreams.

silly me spunea...

and death, illness, accidents are just small obstacles along the way?

you're too grand for me :))

these days i don't think so pink!

it will pass.

Kadri Luik spunea...

Death is not an obstacle it's the end, but the others can be overcome no matter the size of them.

Things that we don't like are bound to happen, what really matters is how we deal with them once we face them.

Silly Girl spunea...

I was thinking about the death of others... close ones.

I know you've overcome your own illness... and I can only admire your strength.

but - again - you've said:
//If a man was a good as his dreams then it wouldn't be dreams but fact//
and I say that until it's a fact, it must have been a dream first and then it became real.
So are we as good as our dreams? Do we dream about things that are bigger than us? or only things we can achieve?

Kadri Luik spunea...

The death of others were included in my thought. If the person you dream of is dead there is no way to get around that. It's just as final as your own death. But, you can still work around the death of another and find ways to follow the dream even though they are not with you, in many other cases.

You are correct, the dream comes first. We are in agreement.
And, if man was what he dreamed of then it wouldn't be a dream. Keyword; was. =)

If we were as good as our dreams then we wouldn't dream for it.

I see dreams as wishes for a change to something better or different. (Not including daydreams created purely as entertainment for an over active mind.) Curiosity and/or longing for a change (something different) is in the nature of most humans and that's the stuff that dreams spawn from.

If we limit our dreams to the things that we think that we can achieve then we are really robbing ourselves from finding our true potentials.

If I dream of being a good person does that mean that I'm not good right now? No, I think the dream shows that I know there are things I can change to be even more good than I am now, it doesn't mean that I'm a bad person. But I wouldn't dream about being good if I personally could feel that I'm good all the way.

It's also possible to follow a dream that you know you will never see the result of because you will be dead long before it comes true. To simply start something that's greater than you will ever be capable of imagining though you have grand dreams about it.

I think that how "big" we dream is linked to our personalities, a careful person will dream more realistically and an optimist more grand.

Silly Girl spunea...

thank you!

Kadri Luik spunea...

Well, thank you too for reading my ramblings. =)

Have a wonderful day!

joaquin carvel spunea...

i think a dream is a hope that motivates. so i think it's possible to be as good as our dreams, if we use them to move or reach or try. otherwise it's just a wish, which aren't much good unless you have a genie.

Silly Girl spunea...

... in a bottle :)

I'd rather have a "message in a bottle". Love that movie ;)

hope is always good to have. To make it true, it's even better!