vineri, 24 octombrie 2008

I'm in love with...

I’m in love with this song
And I can’t move along
Till u'll hear this song…
Cuz I’ve touched your soul
And it trembled with sorrow
I can’t take it back
And it kills me in slow-mo :P
So I try to heal
the pain that took over you
I sing and I laugh
And I’m dancing in front of you
Asking forgiveness
Till my hands bleed from begging you
I never imagined the things that u hold
Deep within you
But now that I’ve opened you
I’m going crazy
just watching the mess I’ve caused
And I’ll give my soul
to take back all the words I’ve said
So rip me apart, kill me, throw me away
All this to have back that one day in May
When everything seemed
To be possible…
And I pray
You’ll remember that day
For the rest of your life
Cuz I won’t be your wife
And you won’t be my man
But then…
we were one!

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humanobserver spunea...

it really touched my heart & soul....