miercuri, 3 iunie 2009

Down the drain...

Here I go again...
I'll meet you down the drain.
You know that feeling...
When you go around the bend
Thinking you'll never fall in
But you fell.
'Cause gravity is a force
You don't wanna mess with
It pulls you in
Deep in sin.
We spin around...
Above the ground
Closer and faster
We head for disaster.
I've lost my direction
Though I had no intention
To get stuck in the mud.
Good thing you're here too...
We're falling together
Flushed down the drain!
Along with the rain...
That washes my brain.
Everything is the same.
So why should I stop?
Let's fall all the way...

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joaquin carvel spunea...

it's a scary ride - but if you can grab a hand - hold on!