luni, 1 decembrie 2008

“Only grown-ups can have children”

Time is deceiving
Going too fast
Can’t catch up
I fell behind
Growin’ up slow
Not in a hurry to grow
Decline responsibility
Runin’ around unconsciously
White sheets, messed up place
Filled with emotions
My feelings – their toys,
And their feelings – mine.
Can I get more time?
I’m not done playin’ here
Not done havin’ fun!
Play with children, can’t have one…
Got caught in their games
Forgot to grow old
“it’s time now!”
“I know!
But can I play just one more time?”
“They’re your emotions…
Can play them as long as you like.
Just remember they’re not toys
And time doesn’t turn back!”

5 comentarii:

joaquin carvel spunea...

i really like the way you write...loose and free...but always together.

time, it's true, doesn't turn back - which is probably the best reason, kids or not, to forget (or decline) to grow old. :)

Silly Girl spunea...

so, i'm doin' the right thing...

why feel guilty then?

joaquin carvel spunea...

exactly. why feel guilty?

as long as you're being you, you'll be ok.

reminds me of:

silly spunea...

i may be a "Miss Maudene..." on the inside... wild lady :))
thank you for the link and for ur words of encouragement!
seems like i needed them.

your sassy reporter spunea...

nicely thought and nicely written