joi, 20 noiembrie 2008

Shallow skies

It’s time to confess

I have tried to impress

You. But I guess… u figured that out

By now. Too late… my heart moved on

It now sings another song

Yours is long gone…

Cant make feelings stay

Anyway, better this way.

I’m taking my first steps on life’s road

Away … from you.

Look… the sun is rising…

I’ve never seen this sky before

Not like today… not anymore!

Could be that I’ve grown…

I am my own!

4 comentarii:

joaquin carvel spunea...

this has all the light and hope of the sunrise it celebrates - i love how forward-looking it is, the sense of renewal it has - "I’ve never seen this sky before / Not like today… not anymore!"

i think this is the song that spring sings to winter - not with bitterness or sadness, just with a gathering strength.

Aviral spunea...

nice poem

humanobserver spunea...

Look at the last line "I am my own!" Impressive One......

Kadri spunea...