miercuri, 12 noiembrie 2008

The Pain

I try to ignore it
Though it never goes away
I came to accept it
This one it’s here to stay
Sometimes I think
The game I play
Is nothing but a mournful way
To push inside
All things gone bad
Along the way…
You are a puzzle I can’t solve
I miss one piece too many
A riddle in my mind
The answer could be any…

3 comentarii:

Kadri spunea...

Simple yet powerful. I love the way you handle words.

humanobserver spunea...

Amazing lady....I think Kadri was right. So touching.....

silly spunea...

well... i can only think in simple words, small doses it's all i can manage :)

I keep playing my thoughts, like cards in a poker game.

if it touches something/somebody in the process... i'm grateful for that.