duminică, 2 noiembrie 2008

Red and Blue

he likes the color blue
he says he always tells the truth
she loves the color red
and doesn’t want to be misled
he says he “don’t care”
then act like he might
he tells her nice things
then “forget all about!”
he’s a defender
she’s a priestess
he asks for her blessing
she’s afraid to confess
she cries on the inside
but shows him a smile
he earns her forgiveness
with one single red flower
nice afternoon talks
sharing beautiful thoughts
strong opinions each side
no need to decide.
so thus, red and blue
sometimes blue and red…
two beautiful colors
became purple instead.

3 comentarii:

humanobserver spunea...

Nice flow of thoughts.....Keep it up...

joaquin carvel spunea...

i wish it always worked that way...

Silly Girl spunea...

I know, so rarely happens, and when it does - it's only for a split moment, after it's gone you're wondering "was it for real?"...

But I still love it :P