sâmbătă, 2 mai 2009

The man with no heart

There once was a man,

He had stars in his eyes,
Sun in his smile
And the moon by his side.

But that wasn't enough

For he was but a half

Of the man he once was.

Cause all that he had

Could not give him back
The heart that he lack
Witch he never took back

From the girl he once loved....

2 comentarii:

m spunea...

da, eu zic ca asa suntem toti, ne pierdem inimile (si mintile) in copilarie, ba printr-un lan cu porumb ba prin fata blocului cand ne jucam cu papusile, ba prin camera parintilor la prima cearta de proportii. cred ca nimeni n-ajunge cu tot cu inima nici macar la prima iubire :D

si suntem toti half of the men we used to be.

ce frumoasa e poza

joaquin carvel spunea...

all that he had...could not give him back...

what we can possess can never fill what we give away - especially when it's lost. this is beautiful, sad, and leaves me reeling.

(amazing painting, too...)