miercuri, 9 decembrie 2009

Do you believe...?

Do you believe in angels? I do. I believe they are out there... kind of watching us.

I wonder if they're having a great time doing so... or just feel sad about us?

Or maybe angels are among us... people we meet and then forget, but in between those moments - change our lives.

If you were an angel passing through my life, how would I know?

6 comentarii:

rebelu spunea...

era barbat bine pe vremurile alea travolta!

silly me spunea...

:))) LOL :)))

fa abstractie de travolta!
ce zici de idee? /:)

rebelu spunea...

da, cred in cei doi ingeri ai mei. parintii mei.

Belle de Jour spunea...


joaquin carvel spunea...

maybe you wouldn't - maybe that's how they want it.

silly unicorn spunea...

... yes, I thought of that too.